danct12's boring log

Death of LG P698 (Old Server)


I just moved to GitHub pages, I actually knew about GitHub Pages, but I didn’t want to use it because wanted to do a experiment.

By the way, as the title of the post, the old server which is LG P698 (you can see hardwares section for it) has died. It no longer reads cards.

I actually knew that this will happen, as the card reader is a bit flanky, sometimes it doesn’t read cards (the core of the server), and even if it actually does read, sometimes the card itself goes to read-only mode, or it’ll crash the system altogheter. And now it no longer read cards.

I guess that was it, the phone is no more, I have since sold it at a phone store for a few bucks (seriously the phone is like 7 years old and can’t even hold the today standards, also armv6 without hard float kills the idea of Android 5+)

Now the new home of my website is at: https://danct12.github.io