Three months of using Linux on my Chuwi Hi10 Plus tablet

Tablet playing Hacknet, isn't that cool?

I’ve had this tablet for quite sometime now, originally runs Windows 10, but Windows 10 on this tablet? Well, you would think it’ll run smoothly because it was made for it?

Of course not.

Disk (eMMC) usage on Windows 10 always go 100%, making everything laggy, very slow. I don’t even know why they don’t put a Linux distro on this thing.

Also Windows loves to crash on startup, sometimes I get a sad looking face for no reason when boot the tablet up.
Android on this thing, is another story, it runs just fine like on other tablets/phones, and smooth too. One thing I dislike about Chuwi is they don’t release kernel sources on things they make. So you’re pretty much stuck in a world where no one remember you, no apps or games for you to play in a few years.

In fact, they could just put a Linux distro on this thing, maybe they can just go with Ubuntu, even tho it’s still a bad choice, it doesn’t use a whole ton of disk read/write like on Windows. So I replaced it with Arch Linux.

About this tablet (specs are included in the page):

Drivers support

STATUS AS APRIL 2019: Almost everything working (including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) as in kernel 4.20. Except for the accelerometer, light sensor and a few non-important components.

3 months timeline

I usually use this tablet for ssh’ing to another device at home, which is my desktop computer, I don’t really like working at home as the atmosphere isn’t really good for working, you know.. it kind of missing something.

Web browsing works fine on this thing, however some sites are lagging due to the power of the Z8350 isn’t that really fast enough. (Chromium 71), and the tablet is good for doing some works, and also it’s a good presentation machine!


This tablet was not design for gaming in mind, it’s just like a tablet for working on the go, or.. what you prefer.

You can also buy a keyboard dock, or connect kb/mouse via OTG for a full desktop experience, which means you can gaming on.

I had some games on it, I usually play Doom, Tux Racer Extreme and Hacknet.

Both games, Doom and Tux Racer runs perfectly fine on the tablet, however Hacknet struggles due to the beautiful graphics and hollywood hacking game (Thanks Matt.)

My thoughts

  • Good system for people doesn’t spend too much on non-Android tablets.
  • It’s a AIO computer, tablet and laptop.
  • Cannot play Crysis, sorry.
Written on December 29, 2018

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